Application for Oxford Gap Year Program

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  • Please use this opportunity to tell us a little about yourself. In considering your application, it helps us to gain a sense of your personal and academic motivations and interests. Please include how you expect to benefit from your time with us and what future ambitions you have.
  • Tell us about your interests and achievements, such as challenges you have met or projects you have successfully completed.
  • Academic Courses

    You can refer to the full list of courses here.
  • Please complete the application form in full, including the 'Personal Statement' and 'Achievements' sections. Once your application has been received, we shall contact you to confirm receipt and pass it to college admissions staff. To complete your application we normally request a school transcript and teacher recommendation. If necessary, we shall request a Skype interview before formalising your enrollment on the program. A registration fee of $400 is payable on enrollment. Course fees are invoiced by the college in pounds sterling, and are payable before the course begins.