Tutor Spotlight: Giulia Fanti

Classical Civilisations (Cambridge) Giulia is currently a 1st year PhD student at the University of Cambridge, and member of Corpus Christi College, where she is … Read More

Tutor Spotlight: Jane Goodland

Probability & Statistics AND Algebra & Calculus (Cambridge) Jane has always loved Maths and can’t imagine doing a job that doesn’t involve it. She studied … Read More

Tutor Spotlight: Lucy Rayfield

Shakespeare’s Plays and Elizabethan England (Oxford) Lucy is currently a Masters student at Balliol College, Oxford. She specialises in French and Italian Renaissance theatre, but … Read More

Tutor Spotlight: David Applin

Medical Biology (Cambridge) David Applin obtained his BSc in Zoology from the University of Leeds before moving to Imperial College, London, where he obtained his … Read More

Tutor Spotlight: Alexia Solomou

Introduction to International Law (Cambridge) Alexia Solomou is Research Associate to Professor Crawford AC, SC at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law and a Senior … Read More

Tutor Spotlight: Ian Tay

Macro & Micro Economics (Cambridge) Ian Tay is currently the Head of Economics at an independent sixth-form college in Cambridge with a very international academic … Read More

Tutor Spotlight: Atiyab Sultan

Politics & International Relations (Cambridge) Atiyab Sultan is a PhD candidate in Economic History at the University of Cambridge. Previously she completed an MPhil in … Read More