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Campus Oxford Online

As technology advances and the world becomes more connected, virtual teaching has become more and more popular with students of all ages.

Connect from Anywhere in the World

Our programmes use premium e-learning software that only requires a stable internet connection. Courses also allow for students of different time-zones, meaning all nationalities can attend.

Expert Tutors

The teaching faculty on our online courses are the same Oxbridge tutors who teach on our residential programmes, ensuring you receive the same high quality teaching, regardless of the type of programme. Our online courses are designed to reflect the style of teaching on our residential summer schools, which in turn is based on Oxbridge methodology. Students are introduced to advanced academic content which stimulates and inspires students to develop their understanding of university-level content.

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Online Insights

Group enrichment, develop your knowledge of your favourite subject, or discover a new one!

Ages 13-15 & 16-18

Two-week courses during Winter, Spring & Summer holidays

Online Insights are two-week online courses that take place in winter, spring and summer holidays, with a maximum of ten students per class, it brings all the fun of a summer programme from the comfort of your own home. It takes the highlights of our summer school onto a virtual platform, giving students the opportunity to be taught from our same faculty of Oxbridge tutors.

The virtual programme will lead students through an unparalleled educational experience. Participants will focus on advanced content and develop both the expertise and enthusiasm to plan for an academic future with confidence. Students receive a combination of subject-based tuition, one-to-one tutorials, future skills workshops and social activities with students from around the world.

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Oxbridge Online Research Programme

Individual project, university-style research, perfect evidence for future study

Ages 13-15 & 16-18, year-round

Two, four and eight-week courses available throughout the year

Participants combine regular 1:1 tutorials with the creation of a university-style academic research project (e.g. 2,000+ word essay), guided by a personal Oxbridge tutor. This is a great way to combine subject tuition with developing key skills for higher education.

The Oxbridge Online Research Programme (‘OORP’) is designed for students who want to enhance their personal research and study skills in preparation for university, whilst also developing deeper knowledge in their chosen field. Led by their personal tutor, students undertake a research project assessed at university-level and receive daily 1:1 supervision in addition to academic skills classes. This course is ideal for students wanting to gain invaluable experience developing projects at university, whilst also understanding the demands of an Oxbridge degree.

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Online University Preparation Programme

Application tuition and support to impress Admissions Officers

Ages 15-19

Two and four-week summer courses (05/07 – 18/07; 16/07 – 30/07; 05/07 – 30/07)

The programme is designed for students anywhere in the world who are targeting top-ranking universities such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London,  London School of Economics, and University College London in the UK, the Ivy League Schools in the USA, or any other elite university around the world.

The five key elements of the Online University Preparation Programme are academic enrichment, how to write a personal statement, UCAS preparation, Admission test preparation and interview technique.

Students attending both the two-week and four-week course have the option to take part in InvestIn Digital Internship seminars from industry professionals, as well as taking part in the weekend Global Space Design Competition.

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