Gap Year & Summer Courses In Oxford & Cambridge

Enrollment is well underway for the Advanced Studies summer programs in Oxford & Cambridge, with some exciting courses offered, and a couple of new additions this year. ‘Architecture’ is available this year in Oxford; an opportunity to look at and appraise the wonderful buildings that over the centuries have helped make the city such an architectural gem. Masters of design such as Wren, Hawksworth and Gibbs have all played their part. A new workshop is offered at both locations – ‘Urban Sketching’ – and gives those with an artistic bent the chance to make their own drawings of some of the magnificent university buildings.

As ever, the choice of study courses includes the more traditional literature and history options, art history, philosophy and film, social sciences, economics and business, including an up-to-the-minute course in marketing and advertising. Math and science courses aren’t neglected and the course option covering environmental issues – ‘Societies & The Natural Environment’ – will be of interest to many as the arguments about our impact on the environment continue to rage, remaining to some the most important issue of our age.

Our programs are distinguished by their careful combination of academic study and cultural enrichment, with visits to some of the famous historical sites. We believe this mix makes ours a balanced and unforgettable experience, with the backdrop of the two most famous university cities in the UK providing an unrivaled setting. Oxford and Cambridge have been an inspiration to students and visitors over the centuries, and spending time here can be literally life-changing.

Enrollment continues through the coming months and we’re always happy to hear from those who are considering joining us this July.