Empowering women and girls to be leaders

Female Future Leaders

The Female Future Leaders (Ages 16-18) summer programme offers a multi- disciplinary exploration of leadership for engaged and motivated young women. The programme encompasses a range of subjects from STEM subjects to business and beyond.

Over the course of two weeks, students will explore a broad range of subjects at the university level, designed to support young women to build the confidence and skills of future leaders. They will discover subjects such as politics, business, law and science, through a series of interactive lectures and workshops that are designed to further their passion for learning and develop their leadership skills. They will explore the role of women in the progress of these subjects guided by expert tutors.


Multidisciplinary Approach

Participants experience a range of subject content, designed to stimulate, motivate and encourage students to develop key personal skills essential to future success. Participants focus on leadership in industries such as:

Politics – Students will learn the data and evidence that helps to advocate for more women in political leadership. They will review the Reykjavík Index and the Women’s Power Index that assesses attitudes toward female leadership in the G7 and UN countries and their most recent results. Can one female leader change society or is that a myth? They will discuss whether it is realistic to expect a single leader (woman or otherwise) to create sweeping change around gender roles, and understand why there is still a big distrust in women taking head of government positions.

Science – While STEM in general, and science in particular is a growing occupational option, the number of women in these careers is often lower than men, resulting in a large gender gap. Research also shows no innate cognitive biological differences between men and women in math, so why does the statistic look so glum? There are a few reasons why this might be happening – lack of role models, the environment, social beliefs, and stereotypes that women grow up with. But does gender diversity truly lead to new and better quality of science? On the example of UNESCO learn how female scientists are empowered to achieve scientific excellence and its results.

Business – Such global brands like Youtube, AMD, In-N-Out Burger Bumble, General Motors, IBM and many more have one thing in common – a female CEO. Participants will learn from the examples of female leaders what it takes to become a successful businesswoman in the 21st century. They will also get introduced to the Fortune 500 companies most recent list, their methodology and measure up initiatives to review if there are similar patterns to their success.

Law – The history of women in the legal profession offers a unique vantage point from which to view the progress of women in society worldwide. In this subject, students will explore why the senior leadership level is not sufficiently diverse and understand what factors are causing the loss of female talent. They will also learn about inspiring global women’s initiatives that help empower women lawyers to succeed.





Development of leadership skills

Whilst tutorials will discuss various academic subjects, the key course outcomes involves personal growth in areas such as:

Public Speaking – This session will improve a student’s ability to deliver empowered and informative speeches in front of crowds of other people.

Negotiation – Students will learn the skills to win any negotiation discussion thrown their way. They will be grouped in pairs to learn about such skills like analysing, strategising, persuasion and communication and practise their negotiation tactics on examples of real-life situations.

Critical Thinking – Students will learn to analyse an issue or situation, and the facts, data or evidence related to it, and be objective while doing so to get the best possible outcome.

Teamwork – Teamwork skills are essential for academic and professional success. Students will learn what skills are most important while working in either a face-to-face or virtual environment.

Motivation – Successfully motivating others is an important skill that students will want to point out to potential employers. They will discover how to adjust their motivational style, depending on their target audience, and the strategy  they will need to adopt in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Debating – Students will learn how to improve their debating skills by learning how to correctly structure their arguments, and answer follow up questions.




Course Highlights

Motivational guest speakers – Every summer we welcome motivational guest speakers from a variety of inspiring backgrounds, and students will hear from a different guest speaker each week. Our female guest speakers are leading experts in their field, carefully selected for their knowledge and passion within their industry.

Female Academics – Supported by university tutors representing a broad range of academic fields, our students will explore theories of gender and intersectionality through a series of case studies from around the world. Our female tutors and guest speakers are leading experts in their field, carefully selected for their knowledge and passion within their subject, as well as their experience teaching undergraduate students.

Workshops – Our workshops are geared towards unlocking participants’ potential, giving them the tools to prepare for the next steps of their education, and future goals. Students will build upon existing study skills to support future university-level learning. These workshops explore a diverse and enriching range of topics – past examples have ranged from ‘Productivity tips’ to ’21st Century Technology Skills’, we guarantee they will learn something completely new.


Cambridge is internationally renowned for its academic excellence, its beautiful college architecture and its prestigious and rich history. Students will experience living in actual student accommodation in one of the historic Cambridge University colleges. All participants will be allocated to a college a few weeks before arriving.



Daily Structure

The weekly timetable includes morning  and afternoon academic sessions, visits and activities, guest speakers and a formal dinner, as well as the final graduation ceremony.

Week 1 Itinerary

AMArrivalsMorning Academic SessionMorning Academic SessionMorning Academic SessionMorning Academic SessionMorning Academic SessionOption 1 - Full-Day excursion: Central London Walking Tour
PMArrivalsAfternoon Academic SessionAfternoon Academic SessionAfternoon Academic SessionAfternoon Academic SessionAfternoon Academic SessionOption 2: Afternoon Tea in the City
Tour of the CityChauffered PuntingZorb FootballVisit to a MuseumFree Period
Dinner in CollegeDinner in CollegeTraditional Oxbridge Formal DinnerDinner in CollegeDinner in CollegeDinner in College
EveIce-Breaker GamesFireside Chat with MentorsGuest SpeakerQuiz NightMurder Mystery

Week 2 Itinerary

AMFull Day Excursion: Oxford/CambridgeMorning Academic SessionMorning Academic SessionMorning Academic SessionMorning Academic SessionMorning Academic SessionDepartures
PMAfternoon Academic SessionAfternoon Academic SessionAfternoon Academic SessionAfternoon Academic SessionAfternoon Academic SessionDepartures
Scavenger HuntBritish Sports DaySelf-Guided PuntingFree PeriodGraduation Ceremony
Dinner in CollegeDinner in CollegeTraditional Oxbridge Formal DinnerDinner in CollegeGala DinnerFree period for those attending 4-week course.
EveDinner in CollegeFree periodGuest SpeakerCake & CanvasTalent ShowFinal Party Night!

Activities & Excursions

Outside of lessons, we are proud to offer a busy and diverse social programme to help you get the most out of your time in Cambridge. This includes activities such as punting on the River Cam, zorb football and a murder mystery night in the college.

There are also two excursions during the programme, one day trip to visit Oxford and its constituent colleges, as well as an optional day out in London, seeing the city’s most famous landmarks as well as some free time for shopping. Those who choose not to travel to London are invited to afternoon tea in Cambridge.

Activities and excursions are run by our team of friendly mentors – whose main job is to maximise your enjoyment.

Programme Dates & Tuition 2022


Two-week programme for 16 – 18 year olds

24 July – 6 August 2022

Please use our Courses Hub for further details on specific courses, dates and locations.

Cost for two week course – £4,995 ($6,995 for US students)

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