Oxford and Cambridge Advanced Studies Program

Academic & Cultural Summer Courses for High School Students

At a Glance  

  • Residential in an historic Oxbridge college
  • Daily seminars in chosen courses of study
  • Small class sizes of two to six students
  • Interactive teaching method to encourage student participation
  • Weekly one-on-one tutorials to reinforce understanding
  • Choice of creative workshops and master classes in key skills
  • Optional ‘exam tips’ preparation class for SAT and AP
  • Full activities program including cultural visits and sports option
  • Excursions to interesting heritage sites
  • Free time to explore Oxford or Cambridge with new friends
  • A vibrant learning community of students from across the globe

The Program  

This exciting program offers a stimulating learning experience to students from sophomore year and above, with an emphasis on exploration and enrichment. The teaching through the Oxbridge tutorial group teaching method is student-focused and lively, engaging students with new knowledge and ideas. Independence of thought and the ability to exchange thoughts and opinions confidently are developed in a college-style environment. Classes are complemented by a full cultural and activities program, with visits to places of interest in Oxford, Cambridge and beyond. This gives a fascinating insight into England’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Summer 2020 offers a wide variety of subjects delivered by an outstanding faculty. Activities, workshops and masterclasses are part of the program, making this a well-balanced summer experience, an excellent preparation for the self-reliance and independence of college life.

Daily Structure  

The weekly timetable includes morning tutorials, afternoon workshops, visits and activities, with two cultural excursions each week.

To get an idea of the typical weekly timetable, see below.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
AM Arrivals Tutorial 1Tutorial 2 Tutorial 1Tutorial 2 Excursion:Full Day London Tutorial 1Tutorial 2 Tutorial 1Tutorial 2 Excursion:Full Day Oxford / Cambridge
PM Arrivals Tour of City and Colleges Optional:Punting/Museums/ Colleges Workshop/Individual Tutorials Sports /Optional SAT  Class
Eve Welcome Meeting Bowling Debating Masterclass Free Evening / Private Study Cricket and Croquet Quiz Night Free Evening / Private Study
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
AM Lazy Sunday Morning Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Full Day London
Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
PM Problem Solving Master Class Half Day Excursion Workshop &Individual Tutorials Sports / Optional SAT/IELTS Class Workshop Presentation Free Day (For 4-week students)
Eve OASP Olympics Theatre Visit Pizza Party Free Evening / Private Study Workshop Formal Hall and Graduation Ceremony Free Evening

Academic Courses  

Students choose two subjects from the wide choice offered, over each two-week period.  Most students on the four or six-week program continue with their chosen subjects although it is possible to change subjects after two weeks.

Subjects are studied in depth through daily tutorials.  Reading and written preparation is set, completed during evening study or free-time periods, which reinforces the material and themes and helps develop sound study methods.

Course faculty are highly experienced and enthusiastic communicators, the majority being Oxford and Cambridge University graduates, many undertaking research and teaching at undergraduate level.


Spotlight on Tutorials


We appreciate that students thrive and develop skills best when they are involved and have a creative outlet.  Interactive workshops are offered, meeting twice each week; for each workshop there is a presentation to the rest of the student group during the final graduation dinner.

A range of workshops is available on both courses.  Options are listed below and students are asked to make their choices a few weeks before arrival.

A team of students will compile and edit articles from the student body to create an end-of-course yearbook and student magazine.  Photos, profiles & cherished memories can all be included in this perfect course memento.  The yearbooks and magazines will be posted to all students after the summer.

Students interested in the different aspects of film making and production are given guidance with the basic methods and techniques involved, working towards the production of short films on topics chosen by the group.  Local film companies help students prepare, edit and produce their modern masterpiece.

For those with dramatic flair, this is the ideal workshop to release it.  No previous experience is required, although enthusiasm and creativity are essential.  Ideal for both novice thespians and matinee idols.  Previous weekly workshops have ranged from Shakespeare to stage combat and improvisation classes.

Both Cambridge and Oxford University and renowned for their debating pedigree.  A range of public figures from Ronald Reagan to the Dalai Lama have spoken at the world-famous Oxford and Cambridge Unions. Students will be coached in the art of constructing coherent arguments and will partake in a formal debate.

In this visual arts workshop, students are armed with a sketchbook and charcoal pencils and tasked with representing the beauty of Oxford and Cambridge’s world-famous architecture through visits to the colleges and historic buildings.

Students are tasked with identifying a product or service that they can turn into a business, and then mentored in producing a more detailed feasibility study, leading to a business plan.  This plan is then pitched to a panel of fellow students, to represent ‘investors’.


Afternoon ‘masterclasses’ are offered over each two-week program.  These are designed to explore key skills essential for success in higher education and future careers.  Sessions are led by one of the teaching faculty or by guest speakers and consist of interactive seminars followed by reinforcement, allowing students to practise and refine the skills.

This class provides students with a variety of techniques to help in answering SAT questions and gives tips as to the most effective means of preparation for the tests to maximise their score.

The UK’s university admissions process involves a single application and is administered by the ‘University and Colleges Admissions Service’.  This can be a daunting experience for those used to a different system and the masterclass takes students through the process and offers advice on how to complete an application effectively

Writing a personal statement is an integral part of a student’s university application process and there are important points to bear in mind, both in terms of content and style.  This masterclass offers suggestions and advice to improve the quality of the students’ submissions.

Preparation is the key to interview success and there are tips and tricks in preparing for an interview.  Similarly, giving an effective presentation involves techniques of presenting content and self-projection.  These masterclasses offer advice to encourage success.

A good essay requires careful structure and presentation of argument, often supported by evidence.  These masterclasses give students guidance in structure, arguments, syntax and tone.

The amount of independent study required at university can be a shock to many freshmen.  Learning how to read effectively, take good notes, make good use of lecture material and research and revise appropriately is invaluable for when the university career begins.

This class aims to provide students with a clearer idea of how to match their aptitudes and interests, and career aspirations, with a suitable choice of degree.  It also offers advice on avoiding courses that do not match strengths and interests.

This class gives an opportunity to speak to Oxford and Cambridge undergraduates about their university experience, including the application process and insights into the  life of a student at two of the most famous academic institutions in the world.

Academic Credit  

Academic credit may be available for four-week courses.  If you would like to be awarded credit for attending the program we must liaise with your school to satisfy its criteria and arrange the credit before you arrive in the UK.  We communicate directly with your school to ensure that the subject material and delivery fit with specific requirements.  Students who wish to receive a credit transfer should consult their school guidance counselor.

Every student takes home a certificate of attendance, along with a full report card written by the Course Director and tutors.  Reports include an assessment of progress and achievement as well as suggestions for consolidation and further studies.  We can send a copy of the certificate and report card to your school as proof of academic achievement.

Higher Education  

The academic work undertaken and the scholastic skills developed during the program provide an excellent foretaste of college level study, helping students make the transition to a more independent and self-motivated learning style.  A summer program taken in Oxford or Cambridge is always an impressive addition to a college application, and can make a big difference in the competitive selection process.

Increasing numbers of students are interested in applying to a British university. Specific guidance on applying through the UCAS system can be arranged upon request.

Activities and Sport  

There is a range of activities offered, from debates, drama and musical performances to ten-pin bowling, and visits to open-air theatre or cinema.  Students in Oxford explore the Bodleian Library, Ashmolean Museum and Christ Church College, where the Harry Potter movies were filmed.  Those in Cambridge enjoy the Fitzwilliam Museum, King’s College Chapel or a walk through Grantchester Meadows along the River Cam.  Both cities are synonymous with ‘punting’ on the river, a leisurely way to spend a sunny summer day, though requiring some skill!   Shakespeare plays are often performed in beautiful college gardens, a delightful summer evening experience.

Sporting activities are optional and students are given opportunities to refine their skills in  traditional British games, such as croquet and cricket.  Other sports offered include soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming and ice-skating.  Sports sessions are held during the afternoons and evenings and practice can be arranged for other sporting interests, according to demand.

Oxford and Cambridge are compact cities, easy for walking.  Students are shown the main sites and important landmarks on an orientation tour and are soon able to walk around easily and confidently, familiar with the buildings, colleges, museums and galleries as well as the best cafes and restaurants.  Thereafter, they may enjoy exploring the city during free time.  Safety is paramount and students not accompanied by a member of staff, should always be with at least one other student.


On each two-week course there are two full-day excursions and one half-day excursion to places of interest, including at least one visit to London.  Popular destinations include:

Students enjoy relevant visits to local companies, museums and other cultural highlights.  In addition to the excursions, faculty may take their students on field trips relevant to their lessons.

Program Dates & Tuition 2020  

Two-week Program : 

Oxford :  28  June  –  11  July ; 12  –  25 July; 26 July – 8 August

Cambridge : 5  –  18   July ; 19  July  –  1 August

Cost –  $4,800

Four-week Program

Oxford        :  28  June  –  25  July; 12 July – 8 August

Cambridge :  5  July  –  1 August

Cost –  $9,600

 Six-week Program

Oxford        :  28  June  –  8  August

Cost –  $14,400

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