What Our Students Say About Us 

“This program is life changing. Many people, from all over the world enlighten each other; the friendships which form are strong. Every one of the staff did their very best for us: I appreciated and recognised each gesture, aimed at the students’ happiness and well-being. The atmosphere of tradition spurred me on and inspired me: Oxford is enchanting and I want to come back.”

– Carolina – July 2010

“OASP has made my summer the best I’ve ever had.”

– Rebecca – Aug 2010

“Jolly good. I have new, close friends, a deep love for the city of Oxford, and a massive list of books to read when I get home. This city is for those who have an appreciation for stone, and I’m enamoured.”

– Brittany – July 2013

“I made so many new friends that I hope to keep in contact with for years to come, it was one of the best four weeks of my life, Oxford is a beautiful city, I wish that it was longer. I would now like to apply to an english college because of this.”

– Stephanie – July 2012

“This was such an amazing experience. I now have friends across the country as well as across the world as well as a new home in Oxford. This was an incredible summer. The best thing was making new friends. The worst is going to be leaving.”

– Sarah – July 2013

“I loved the program and could not have had more fun!!”

– Rory – July 2011

“Attending OASP was the best thing I’ve ever done. I learned so much about myself and made a ton of new friends. I really enjoyed the time I spent here. Oxford is one of the most beautiful and safe cities I’ve been to. Now, it just feels like home.”

– Elizabeth – Aug 2011

“This program was one of the best experiences of my life. I had never left the United States before I came here, but seeing Oxford made me want to travel the world. Of course, Oxford might just be an exceptionally beautiful city and this program, which allows us to experience so much of it, might be particularly incredible.”

– Sarah – Aug 2011

“It was the most amazing experience. The staff were always happy to help in any way. School and social was balanced and the friendships I have made will last a lifetime. I couldn’t imagine someone not wanting to be here! Best month of my life!!! Thanks for this opportunity.”

– Hannah – July 2011

“I had a great time while attending OASP. I feel that in this short time I became a close family with some people, and I will never forget them. This was a once in a lifetime experience.”

– James – Aug 2011

“This was one of the fastest months, and one of the best I’ve experienced! This, in my opinion, was a well-spent summer. It broadened my mind, allowed me to socialise with a group of fun and intellectual people, and taught me much about independence. After this, my level of summer expectations will be very difficult to satisfy.”

– Cho – July 2012

“Most amazing 4 weeks I’ve ever had. Oxford provides the perfect setting for both academic and social programs. Definitely the most charming city in England. I hope my college experiences are half as wonderful as the weeks I’ve spent here.”

Ren – July 2013

“I have been fulfilled both academically and personally. Though the course is quick and intense in respect to the work, you learn something completely different. I don’t want to leave. The activities get you involved and you learn so much about people and their interests. The attitude of the staff really made you feel at home and each individual will benefit from this. Thank you!”

Alistair – July 2013

“This program has been amazing; it’s incredible how fast time passed. Thanks to the staff for the dedication. I’ll never forget this summer; each moment will remain forever as an experience of great knowledge, fun and friendship. Thanks for everything.”

– Annabel – Aug 2010