What Are Oxbridge Dorms Like?

Accommodation in Oxford and Cambridge colleges can vary from the palatial, with huge windows overlooking historic quads, to the positively Cinderella-like, with creaky beds and draughty windows.  Rooms differ dramatically from college to college; savvy Oxford and Cambridge applicants use websites like The Student Room to research which college has the cheapest food and the warmest accommodation.

What Is An Oxford College?

Campus Oxford - Brasenose College Bedroom

Fortunately, the rooms at Brasenose College, Oxford and Magdalene College, Cambridge, and the other colleges that we work with, are carefully selected and comfortably equipped, and have easy access to common room and laundry facilities.  They are authentic student bedrooms, so if you decide to apply to Oxford or Cambridge for your undergraduate degree after your summer with us, you’ll know what to expect!