We offer one or two-year A-Level courses, which may be combined with our GAP year programme

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The College

Established in 1988, Oxford Sixth Form College is one of the UK’s leading independent sixth form colleges for students aged 15-19. Formerly named Oxford Tutorial College, it preserves the tutorial tradition through an average class size of three students and through having no more than six students in an A-Level class. The college offers greater flexibility than mainstream schools with over 30 subjects on offer across A-Level, GCSE and BTEC. For students looking to improve on their results, the college also offers specialised, examination board specific, A-Level retake programmes that provide the right environment for students to have the opportunity to improve their results and secure a place at a top university.


The A-level is the examination at the end of a student’s High School, and normally three subjects are studied over one or two years.

It is not uncommon for some international students to consider applying to a British university. If they have not completed high school to twelfth grade or equivalent, or for some reason have under-achieved they may be advised to sit the Advanced Level (GCE) exams, popularly known as A-levels. Advanced Placement, although less rigorous, is the nearest equivalent to the A-Level, which is regarded as roughly equivalent in standard to courses taken in freshman year at a US college. A good passing grade at A-Level will normally merit college credit and therefore permits exemption from a college course.

Students who choose to continue their education in the UK will need to qualify for entrance to a British University. For those who have not achieved a sufficiently high standard of qualification in their home country, examination in two or three A-level subjects is normally required. The A-Level is the usual qualification required for entry to a British university, with passing grades in two subjects being the minimum requirement.

Courses Available

From the moment you apply, you are given expert guidance on the length of course and combination of subjects most appropriate to your academic background and university and career intentions. There are nearly thirty different subjects available at A-Level. The choices of course length are as follows :

One Year A-Level

Our intensive and focused teaching enables us to prepare students for A-Level examinations in one year. These classes are designed for those who need to retake an A-Level over one year, academically able students who have completed their education in their home country and students who wish to change direction and need an A-Level qualification in a subject they have not studied since GCSE.

Five Term A-Level

Five term courses begins each January and are aimed at students seeking a fresh start to their A-Levels and to those whose home country curriculum finishes in November or December. Such students don’t need to wait until September to begin A-Levels or make a fresh start. The first two terms include additional teaching hours each week so that by the end of June, students have completed the same material as their fellow students who started one term ahead of them.

Two Year A-Level

The two year A-Level programme begins in September and offers wide subject choice. This is the normal length of an A-level course, allowing students to work at a steady pace and reinforce their knowledge and understanding. Three subjects are normally studied on a two-year programme. Able mathematicians may take four subjects through completing A-Level Mathematics in their first year and Further Mathematics in their second year.

A-Level Retakes

Students may retake A-Levels across a wide range of subjects, taking up to three subjects in an academic year or two academic terms from January to June, or one academic term starting in April. The length of the retake programme will be influenced by factors such as by how many grades and for how many subjects you need to improve. also by Gap Year plans. If you are certain that some factor has prevented you from performing to your best and achieving your potential, a retake can be an effective course of action.

All A-Level programmes are taught in small classes of no more than six students. The A-Level programme is complemented by a Study Skills course and a range of optional co-curricular options. Where required, students will study IELTS (Academic) alongside their A-Level programme of subjects.

The Teaching

Tutors are experienced graduates and all teaching emphasises an empathetic student-focussed approach. The courses are taught in a clear and direct way, checking understanding by careful review and continual practice from previous examination questions in order to develop answering skills.

Teaching is in small groups of no more than six students, enabling thorough and effective dissemination of subject topics with student feedback and discussion, whilst ensuring that individual understanding is complete, preparation work is satisfactory and writing skills are being mastered.

We ensure that students develop a good set of revision notes and materials and encourage systematic and well-focused revision. Steady acquisition of study techniques, including reading skills, note-taking and essay writing is carefully encouraged and monitored. Time is allowed for an overall subject review as examinations approach, to check recall and understanding and enable further practice with essential examination techniques.

Supervision and Testing

It’s usually possible to make a clear, sensible choice of A-Level subjects according to the planned degree or career options. The key is finding subjects that are the right ‘fit’: subjects that you enjoy and for which you have an aptitude. We offer careful guidance and support with subject choice, beginning at the point of application. 

Senior staff and tutors have decades of experience of working with students to provide guidance and advice. Students are assigned to a Senior Tutor who ensures that they are meeting the challenges of academic work. Regular meetings are held to discuss study issues, largely based on the progress reports generated by subject tutors. Help is also given in organising study time, prioritising work and refining various study and exam techniques. Students invariably develop a constructive working relationship with their Senior Tutor. If a student is falling behind with work, a strategy is adopted to remedy matters, and parents may be consulted to support any remedial action. Regular testing helps to make sure that each student is on track with their work and exam preparation. 


Students either live in our various college residences, or with friendly local families in Oxford.  College residences are located in the centre of Oxford.   

A wide variety of options ensure that all students feel comfortable, happy and at home during their stay in Oxford. Some students feel ready for fully independent living – while some opt for a university student experience, and others prefer to live in a family environment. The Student Services Director is available to help arrange suitable accommodation and to provide pastoral support. All accommodation hosted by the College is situated within an eight-minute bike ride from the city centre.

Term Dates

 Hilary Term (Spring)Trinity Term (Summer)Michaelmas Term (Autumn)
Term Begins6 January 202225 April 20225 September 2022
Term Ends7 April 20221 July 202215 December 2022
Half-Term21 -25 February 2022Bank holidays: 2 May, 2-3 June 2022
24 - 28 October 2022