The Campus Oxford Team – Partnering with quality providers in Oxford with years of experience in education

The Campus Oxford Team

We promote quality summer and semester programmes for high school, GAP and college students and advise students and parents on suitable educational courses and programmes in the UK, including university degree courses. Building on our experience of offering such advice, and of working with school guidance counsellors and educational consultants, we provide a bespoke supportive service for students who plan to study in Oxford over the summer, during a ‘Gap’ year in Oxford, or who are considering a college degree in the UK.

We partner with quality providers in Oxford, UK. St. Clare’s College organises and hosts the Gap Year programmes. Bucksmore Education organises the summer programmes, hosted this year at Brasenose College and D’Overbroeck’s boarding school, both located in Oxford. Links with universities enable us to advise with placements on undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Our knowledge of the educational system and contacts with providers enables us to give top-quality advice and ongoing support to our student clients and their families.

Ralph Dennison, Director at Campus Oxford

Ralph Dennison has been a committed educationalist throughout his professional career. After gaining an honours degree in English from the University of Sussex he taught at schools in Greece and in Oxford before taking a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at the University of Swansea. He then taught English at secondary level before returning to Oxford to teach in independent colleges, subsequently founding Oxford Tutorial College, which became a leading sixth-form college under his guidance. He also founded the Oxford Advanced Studies Programs for international summer and Gap students. Passionate about the enrichment value of education, beyond achieving qualifications, he has worked with hundreds of US and international students and counsellors for over thirty years and has developed an extensive knowledge of the UK and US educational systems and requirements. Outside his educational work he enjoys literature and the theatre, is an avid reader of history and a keen hill walker and cyclist.

Ruth Cooper, Registrar

Ruth Cooper, our Registrar, has worked alongside Ralph for many years, at Oxford Tutorial College and subsequently with Campus Oxford. Since graduating from Leeds Beckett University she has worked in education and HR. She co-ordinated the planning and daily logistics of the summer programme and has seen the programme evolve since the early days. She has worked for the UK Adult Learning Inspectorate and is a primary school Governor specialising in Curriculum Standards and SEN. Ruth guides students and families through their course choices and the whole application process. When not guiding Campus Oxford students she is often occupied helping her own children make the best choices for their futures.

Abigail Boisot, Student Advisor & Marketing Coordinator

Abigail Boisot joined Campus Oxford in May 2019 after doing TechPixies, an award-winning CPD Accredited social enterprise course in Oxford helping women to up-skill with Social Media. Abigail graduated from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, USA with a BFA in painting. She knows the American college system well, and did a semester at the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Barcelona, Spain as an Erasmus student during her Sophomore year. Abigail moved to Barcelona after graduating in 1996 and lived there teaching English as a Foreign Language, helping students achieve their TOEFL exams before being offered a job in publishing. After spending nine years in Spain, Abigail returned to the UK to pursue a career as an artist which she has been doing ever since. Abigail is passionate about education and as well as spending creative time with her children, she also teaches art workshops at their local primary school.

Professional Networks

We have close working relationships with many US educational consultants, developed over the past twenty-five years and we regularly attend workshops and conferences in order to maintain professional contact and keep up-to-date with educational issues. We have presented at I.E.C.A. and H.E.C.A. conferences on gap year and international educational experiences.

High school guidance counselors and educational consultants regularly contact us to discuss specific student requirements, which helps assess the courses of study that will best serve each individual.

Student Support

Most of our students are aiming for a top college or university and we support them in their objectives, liaising as necessary with their schools and advisors. We ensure qualifications match ambition, and are if necessary strengthened; applications and the college essay are perfected.

The tutorial method of instruction helps students develop their understanding, interpretation and study methods and most become more mature in their approach. The advantages of direct dialogue with the tutor cannot be over-emphasised.

Higher Education in the UK

UK Higher Education provision is world-class and fees compare favourably with those of US colleges. Most first degree courses are of three years duration and allow for greater specialism in a chosen major. Undergraduate degrees in Law and Medicine are available and Business-related degrees are also popular. A significant number of students are interested in applying to UK universities, aware of the benefits, and we offer our expertise when requested in selecting suitable institutions and courses and in making strong applications.

Consultants and Guidance Counsellors find the help we provide of significant benefit in offering their own advice to students and parents.

Pastoral Care

Each student’s health, safety and well-being are considered to be of the utmost importance and any problem or difficulty may be raised with us directly. Our role is to support each student and help ensure maximum benefit and enjoyment of their experience; accordingly, we’re available to listen to any issues a student may have. The importance of student safety and happiness is paramount, both in itself and to enable each student to get the most from their time in Oxford and make it a success!

Oxford has excellent and well-equipped hospital complexes and students can be assured of the best medical care. For routine treatment, an appointment can be made with the college doctor at short notice. Parents must advise us of any present or previous medical condition or health issue in advance of arrival, by completing a medical questionnaire. Comprehensive medical insurance is included in the course fee.