Some Beginnings & Oddities!

Oxford University consists of thirty-nine colleges, each with its own foundation date, history and internal management. The exact foundation date of the university isn’t known, … Read More

Summer School In Oxford & Cambridge

Summer School In Oxford & Cambridge Our summer schools for high school students, hosted at colleges of the two premier British universities are extremely popular choices … Read More

Windsor Castle and Eton

From time immemorial the monarchs of England have built castles to defend their realms and to project their power.  Although since the time of the … Read More

Ely & Ely Cathedral

Ely cathedral dates from 1083, and occupies the site of a church built by St Ethelreda in AD 672.  It is a notable example of Romanesque … Read More


Stonehenge is the oldest neolithic site in England, situated on Salisbury Plain in the heart of ancient Wessex.  It was a place of pilgrimage and … Read More