Oxford & Cambridge Advanced Studies

Sample life as an Oxbridge undergraduate!

Gap Year Program

The Oxford Gap Year, held at Oxford Tutorial College, is the perfect way to prepare for the independent mode of study required at college level, and gives the opportunity to pursue courses of interest in depth and at comfortable pace, freely  exploring topics that arouse curiosity.  A rich academic offering and skilled tutors enhance knowledge in chosen areas, without formal assessment but with close engagement and supervision.  There is scope to work on college applications with the help of experienced academic staff, or to take time to decide what direction to take next.  The program offers an excellent component of a well-planned Gap Year experience.  The ambience of Oxford, home to England’s oldest and most prestigious university, provides an historic and inspiring backdrop. Learn more now.

Summer Study Program

The Advanced Studies Program is one of the longest-established academic and cultural summer programs for High School students.  It offers a wide choice of stimulating study courses; the small seminar group and one-on-one tutorial teaching method enables students to develop as confident, decisive and independent learners – key qualities that college admissions teams greatly value.  Academics are complemented by a full program of exciting cultural visits, workshops and activities and the breathtaking residential setting of an Oxford or Cambridge college makes this a summer program experience like no other. Learn more now.

Campus Oxford

Campus Oxford offers a stimulating range of high-quality academic and cultural summer and Gap Year programs to ambitious and talented high school students and graduates, from the US and elsewhere, with an emphasis on student-focused instruction in small seminar groups of no more than eight students and one-on-one tutorials.  Students are encouraged to develop as independent, self-motivated learners in a supportive environment.

The prestigious Oxford Advanced Studies Program was founded in 1984.  Over the past thirty years, the summer and Semester/Gap Year programs have become a benchmark for academic and cultural experience.  Visits and activities provide a counterbalance to the academic work.  There is now a summer program in Cambridge.  All these programs welcome international students from across the globe.

Campus Oxford builds on long-standing relationships with high school students, their  counsellors and parents.  We pride ourselves on offering a uniquely supportive service for US and international students who wish to ‘step outside the box’ during their summer or Gap Year, and take an academic enrichment course in the UK in order to extend their knowledge, develop their skills and prepare for the demands of college-level work.  We hope you may wish to join us!

Campus Oxford - Summer Programs in Oxford For High School Students

“This program is life changing. Many people, from all over the world enlighten each other; the friendships which form are strong. Every one of the staff did their very best for us: I appreciated and recognised each gesture, aimed at the students’ happiness and well-being. The atmosphere of tradition spurred me on and inspired me: Oxford is enchanting and I want to come back.”

Campus Oxford - Summer Program in Oxford for High School Students

“This program was one of the best experiences of my life. I had never left the United States before I came here, but seeing Oxford made me want to travel the world. Of course, Oxford might just be an exceptionally beautiful city and this program, which allows us to experience so much of it, might be particularly incredible.”