Quality summer and semester programmes for high school, GAP and college students

Study Courses & Cultural Experiences in Oxford

Campus Oxford have specialised in high-quality summer and Gap Year programmes for over thirty years. During this time our programmes have become a benchmark for academic quality cultural experience. Our students are typically motivated high school students and graduates, from the US and elsewhere, and our emphasis is on interactive, student-focused teaching in small seminar groups and one-on-one tutorials. We offer a supportive environment, in which students are encouraged to develop as independent, self-motivated learners.

Campus Oxford builds on long-standing relationships with high school students, their counsellors and parents. We offer a unique opportunity for students who wish to ‚Äėstep outside the box‚Äô during their summer or Gap Year, and take an academic and cultural enrichment course in Oxford, Cambridge or London, in order to extend their knowledge, develop their skills and prepare for the demands of college-level work.

Gap Year Programme

The Oxford Gap Year is the perfect way to prepare for the independent mode of study required at college and gives the opportunity to pursue courses of interest in depth and at a comfortable pace, freely exploring topics that arouse curiosity.  Skilled tutors provide a rich subject choice to  enhance knowledge in chosen areas, without formal assessment but with close engagement and support.  A varied cultural and visits programme compliments the study element.  Students may work on college applications with their tutors’ help or take time to decide on what direction to take next.   The ambience of Oxford, home to England’s oldest and most prestigious university, provides an historic and inspiring backdrop. Please note, the Oxford Gap Year is not affiliated with the University of Oxford.

Summer Study Programme

We are now heading into summer with our summer courses, we have a few spaces left and we are looking forward to welcoming students from all over the world in early July. We are very proud to be working with Immerse Education on their residential summer programmes. As well as their very successful Academic Insights programme, we have now decided to trial their Career Insights programme based in London. Students will be given the opportunity to do career workshops based on their chosen course, with visits to industry sites to see first hand what working in those careers would be like. On both courses there is a full and varied programme of cultural visits, workshops and activities to balance the academic work. Another exciting piece of news is that we are now able to offer our Academic Insights programme to the Asian market. We have a new Sydney Summer School which started in January 2023 for which Oxbridge tutors were flown out to the University of Sydney to teach a range of courses. Cultural visits include visits to the Sydney Opera House, the harbour and an afternoon spent sunbathing on Bondi Beach!

We are also running our female only leadership course, Female Future Leaders, at one of the Cambridge colleges at the end of July. This year we are also offering Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE) as one of our Symposia courses. Students from both symposia will be able to take part with other students in all the social events taking place at the colleges.

Students enjoy a comfortable residential college setting for these courses, making each of them a unique summer study experience.

A Level Studies

The A-level is the UK examination at the end of a student’s High School, and normally three subjects are studied over one or two years.

It is not uncommon for some international students to consider applying to a British university.  If they have not completed high school to twelfth grade or equivalent, or for some reason have under-achieved they may be advised to sit the Advanced Level (GCE) exams, popularly known as A-levels.  Advanced Placement, although less rigorous, is the nearest equivalent to the A-Level, which is regarded as roughly equivalent in standard to courses taken in freshman year at a US college.   A good passing grade at A-Level will normally merit college credit and therefore permits exemption from a college course.

Students who choose to continue their education in the UK will need to qualify for entrance to a British university.  For those who have not achieved a sufficiently high standard of qualification in their home country, examination in two or three A-level subjects is normally required.  The A-Level is the usual qualification required for entry to a British university, with passing grades in two subjects being the minimum requirement.

The most popular subjects are :

Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Chinese, Economics, English Language, English Literature, French, Geography, German, Government and Politics, History, History of Art, Mathematics, Media Studies, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Russian, Sociology, Spanish.